Smart WiFi Biometric Lock with Fingerprint

The Smart Fingerprint Smart Lock is known today as the best security lock, not only offers exceptional features such as, extremely fast unlocking with 3D fingerprint sensor, remote unlocking via telephone , mechanical key but also automatic door closing when you leave the house to avoid forgetting to lock the door.

 The lock is designed with scratch-resistant tempered glass front, the lock body is Made of extremely sturdy solid aluminum alloy, bringing safety , convenience and luxury to your home.

The smart lock integrates a surveillance camera and a screen 3.5 inches and is specific for doors.

Smart Door Lock, Security Camera, Monitor Intelligent Fingerprint Password Biometric Electronic Key Unlock.



  • Supports 6 unlocking methods

3D fingerprint, password, temporary password, RFID card, mechanical key and Tuya Smart or Smart Life app.

  • Integrated room

The image / video will be sent to your phone via smart lock application (TUYA) and also create awareness. the smart lock works with TUYA APP

  • Create intelligent scenarios

The Smart Lock allows you to set automatic contexts with other smart devices such as: after opened the door with fingerprint, the light will turn on automatically when we enter the house.

  • Remote Control

With the Smart Life mobile application, you can check your door unlock history and keep track of who returned home and when, saving the times and history of users' unlock times.

Furthermore, it uses advanced IOT technology with intelligent security features such as: alert when strangers intentionally open the door many times or someone pries the door open, low battery warning.

  • Unlock with Password

In the smartphone application you can generate a password with temporary validity or a password indicating the time of its activity. In other words, the administrator sets the start and end time of the password.

  • Fingerprint

It supports up to 9 lock administrators who have the ability to add and remove the ability for people to log in using a fingerprint , up to a maximum of 200 users.

  • Emergency Unlock

The 2 mechanical keys and USB emergency power can be used when the door lock door is not powered and the battery is completely discharged.

he keyless smart lock allows you complete control over how you lock your home, whether with a PIN code,3D Face Recognition, fingerprint, smart card, a key, or via the Smart Life App. Backup keys and backup power options are included in case of emergencies.

  • 【Your front door Smarter】With the Smart WiFi door lock, you can send virtual keys to your loved ones and friends. You can also give temporary access to one-time guests and visitors. Check to unlock history, and manage access anytime anywhere.
  • 🔒【Security and control from anywhere】Connect to WiFi, remotely lock and unlock your door, and set up codes or simply check the status from anywhere using the mobile app.
  • 🔒【Advanced 3D Fingerprint Sensor】Hold the handle and press fingerprint to unlock in one step.100 fingerprints can be enrolled. Identifies you in less than 1~1.5 seconds and works well for kids and the elder.

Main Feature

1. 6 unlock ways: 3D infraed Face,Fingerprint, Password, IC Card, Mechanical Key ,APP

2. Carved alloy Material Built Strong enough to protect your home;

3. Locking & Unlocking automatically with the newest automatic technology to free your hands;

4. Indoor double lock knob gives you one more safeguard;

5. Emergency power supply in case of lost power;

6. One time full charge can work about 6 month with one month low battery notification before going off.
7. English Voice and menu

8. Query unlock records in the lock

9. Infrared Sensor Camera make it also can work well in dark environment

10. Suit for Lots of door type: Wooden door, stainless steel door, bronze door, Double door, Old-fashioned security doors

11. Left Open and Right Open All compatible

【Battery operated & External Power & Backup Key powered by rechargeable battery which is included.



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